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Meet the Team

We are a great bunch - come get to know us!



Danielle is the brains behind the operation. A scientist in her previous life, Danielle has put her knowledge of all things health to practical use to provide nutritious food for her customers. Specialising in diabetic, obesity and cancer research, Danielle has applied
her knowledge to ensure the ethos of The Food Doc, to 'let food be thy medicine.'
A busy mum of three mini humans and an active member of Dungannon Traders Association, she's a force to be reckoned with!



Nico is our very own Masterchef. You'll find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and occasionally popping out the front to say hi. There is no task too big for our Nico, and his humour is definitely one of a kind! He likes to be referred to as Frank, and his bark is much worse than his bite, so make sure to say hello!


Charlie is the beauty behind The Food Doc (and is also Danielle's baby brother!). Also referred to as 'the charmer', Charlie will be the one with the big grin to welcome you through our doors. He's a good spud, and loves the chat, so be prepared to have the craic with him when ordering your coffee.

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